Dove Excellence™

Dove Die & Stamping follows rigorous processes to ensure customer satisfaction, which is referred to as Dove Excellence. This encompasses not only excellence in the parts that are manufactured, but also in the service that is provided to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Every part is unique. Dove Die & Stamping isn’t in the business to just take orders: customer specialists ask a lot of questions to truly understand every customer’s needs and expectations.

From strategic inventory builds (for both raw materials and built parts) to safety stock, Dove Die & Stamping is embedded with its customers to understand their calendars, needs, and trendlines. Adaptable and nimble due to a small footprint, yet established through seven decades of experience, Dove Die & Stamping can act big while staying true to the customer focus that comes with knowing all customers personally: small company service and loyalty with large company processes and capabilities.

This is the continuous improvement process Dove Die & Stamping follows while manufacturing the parts for the customer to remove unnecessary non-value-added labor, create additional free capacity, reduce waste, and further leverage the supply chain cost advantage.

Jim Wagner is the Materials Manager for Dove Die & Stamping. He has been with the company for 27 years and oversees outgoing and incoming materials, parts, and products. Jim assists with the evaluation of IT systems, the coordination of Supply Chain purchases, and supervises the receiving, storing, and shipping of  all products and materials.