Progressive stamped parts are double disc ground through a two-step process. The first step removes most of the grinding stock. The second step is finish grinding to meet flatness and surface finish requirements. Flatness of 0.02 MM (Cpk of 1.67) and surface finish tolerances of Ra 0.80 on low carbon and high carbon hot rolled steel are consistently met through process controls.

Dove Die & Stamping’s grinding capabilities include rotary through feed, interpolated feed, and oscillating feeds. Millions of parts are ground per year, and Dove Die & Stamping’s experts have the knowledge and capability to determine the best process for high volume parts. All machines are state of the art and fully programmable. Grinding is done in-house, which keeps the costs down and enables controlled quality to the customer. 

Matthew Bauer (right) is a Supervisor for Dove Die & Stamping. He is responsible for strategically scheduling employees to jobs based on skill set, as well as creating process books and work instructions to ensure consistency in operations. He also conducts time studies using Lean Manufacturing to better identify improvement opportunities.