Dove Development™

The process starts with the development of a custom die. Dove Die & Stamping’s dies are crafted with precision and in partnership with customers to meet exact specifications. The tooling process is 100% detailed to facilitate the precise development of all sections of the die. CAD files of every component of the die are created and then managed through document control protocols. Sometimes there can be over 100 parts of a die – each part has its own drawing, and each component is made exactly from that drawing. All dies are designed for maximum manufacturability.

Due to the perishable nature of dies, die components will eventually wear out. Since each die component has its own drawing, only that component will need to be remade – keeping down costs to maintain the die. All tooling is perpetual; customers never need to buy another die after the initial one is created, and will use that same die design to ensure the optimal operation of their die well into the future. 

Dove Die & Stamping manufactures parts while focused on the highest quality and delivery levels for the lowest cost. Only the best materials are used to construct dies: hardened tool steel die sections, retainers, and back-up plates. EDM and CNC equipment is used for speed, accuracy, and repeatability.

Dies are infinitely adjustable. Forming sections are inserted as needed for added flexibility and adjustability in the press. Gas springs and nitrogen manifolds are utilized as needed. Nitrogen manifolds last longer than conventional springs, and the pressure can be adjusted; in some cases, the pressure can be concentrated in a smaller area.

A 100% Made In The USA, end-to-end supply chain is utilized. Dove Die & Stamping operates the latest technology in tool steel, including powdered metals and high-speed steels. These materials are more wear resistant, more efficient, require less maintenance, and ensure less wear and tear. Sometimes this means dies can take longer to make, but they will require less maintenance in the long run. Dove Die & Stamping service representatives will work with customers to ensure the best choice based on product needs.

Pete Dersken (right) is the Tooling Manager for Dove Die & Stamping. He manages all aspects of new tooling from initial design concept through PPAP approval. Pete directs and leads all Tool Room employees, and has been with Dove Die for 25 years.