Deburring / Tapping / Partnerships


Dove Die & Stamping offers deburring services that include brush, vibratory and part on part. All services are done in house, keeping the process as streamlined as possible. 


When stamped parts need tapping, Dove Die & Stamping ensures the threads are precise. Tapping can be built into the die created for the part, and each stroke of the press will form the threads as needed. This is the most accurate and reliable way to ensure precision tapping, as the die keeps this process automated and repeatable. Dove Die & Stamping also offers secondary tapping, which works well for lower-volume parts. The tapping machine focuses specifically on this task. Work with Dove Die & Stamping to determine the best strategy for each part that is needed. 

Qualified Partners

For stamped parts that require anodizing, plating, and/or heat treating, Dove Die & Stamping has partnerships with local, outside facilities that provide these services. Dove Die & Stamping will manage parts to completion, including any steps that need to be outsourced to our qualified partners at any point in the manufacturing process.